Education Training

Doctorate of Philosophy in Education

About: This doctoral emphasis at the University of Idaho, College of Education, Health and Human Sciences is designed to prepare prospective university faculty and leaders to teach, conduct and disseminate research, and secure funding for research in the area of autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders (ASD/RD).

This highly structured program is designed to accommodate full and part time doctoral students both at a distance and on campus, and to produce high quality leaders that are philosophically oriented toward family involvement, cultural competency, inclusive and multi-tiered supports, evidence-based interventions, and research to practice scholarship.

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Credits Required:

Doctoral Core 8
Specialization/Immersion 16
Research 18
Cognate 24-27
Dissertation 18
Total: 84-87

Application Due: February 1, 2019

Master's in Special Education

with Emphasis in Autism and other Neurodevelopmental Disabilities - Non-Certification

About: The non-certification master in Special Education is provided for professionals who either have an existing teaching certification, other licensure, or do not require a certification/licensure. This Masters degree is oriented towards people interested in applied research and working with children and adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities and/or those who may wish to go on for a Ph.D. in the same emphasis area. Courses and other experiences for the masters are largely taught by faculty at the Center on Disabilities and Human Development. Students who participate in the master program are also trainees of the CDHD and will report to both a major professor and the coordinator of interdisciplinary services.

All courses are taught either online through BbLearn or using a hybrid approach which provides a combination of synchronous (real-time) learning through a web-based conferencing platform and asynchronous learning through the online BbLearn platform. The majority of the courses are taught through the blended approach and incorporate effective practices in distance education.

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Application Due: Ongoing