Child Development

CYSC psychologists & graduate students provide the following:


  • A variety of evaluation procedures are available for use in childhood, depending on the nature of concerns.
  • Cognitive language, motor, and social emotional development can be evaluated, and compared to norms obtained from large groups of infants/toddlers.

Parent Consultation/Classes

  • Educational interventions aimed at increasing parent’s awareness of developmentally appropriate expectations, individual differences/temperament, and the influence of parenting/parent-child interactions on developmental outcomes, are often effective in alleviating mild to moderate level concerns/problems.

Dyadic/Individual Treatment

  • Because young children are relatively limited in their capacity for comprehension and self-determination, parents need to take charge of making the necessary changes and participate in the treatment process.
  • Individual treatment for young children typically involves play therapy, although more teaching-oriented approaches may be used for addressing cognitive/language deficits.