Medicaid Matters in Idaho Coalition

Information on Medicaid Matters in Idaho disability advocacy coalition.

Medicaid Matters in Idaho

About Us

Medicaid Matters in Idaho (MMII) is a disability issue coalition with a primary mission of promoting the public leadership of adults with developmental disabilities, parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and family members. We aspire to create a more equitable policy environment for the disability community of Idaho, to protect Home and Community Based Services, and other community-based services that allow people with disabilities to live and thrive in the community.

We place a focus on advocacy through maintaining a balance of parents and self-advocates working together to educate and influence policy makers. The priority remains education and pressure at state and local level to preserve the unique role that Medicaid plays, particularly for Idahoans with developmental disabilities. But the coalition may take on other issues in the future.

Who We Are

Medicaid Matters in Idaho is sponsored by the Developmental Disabilities Network consisting of:

The strategy for the coalition is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of staff of all three organizations, self-advocates, and parents.

Recent Events

  • Medicaid Matters in Idaho produced several large rallies against the Medicaid cuts proposed by Congress in 2017.
  • A small delegation recently met with Senator Crapo to share personal stories, and to discuss the harmful impact of the policy idea of block granting Medicaid.
  • We held four ‘Community Conversations on Medicaid and Disability’. Nearly 80 parents and self-advocates attended and we educated 23 Idaho legislators and candidates for office.

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