Idaho Project for Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness

The Idaho Project for Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness is located at the Center on Disabilities and Human Development at the University of Idaho, Boise. The purpose of the Idaho Project is to enhance the educational services provided to children and youth, birth through age 21 years, with combined vision and hearing impairments. The Project provides statewide technical assistance and training to support parents, service providers, and agencies in meeting the educational needs of children and youth who are deaf-blind.

Eligibility and Services

  • Family members and care providers who have a child identified as deaf-blind by the Idaho Project.
    Parent Technical Assistance Request Form (PDF)PDF
  • Personnel from public and private schools and agencies who serve children who are deaf-blind. Service providers with a child identified by Idaho Project staff may request technical assistance or training.
    Service Provider Request Form (PDF)PDF
  • The term “technical assistance” is used in education, government, and industry to mean “consultation.” It means assistance from Idaho Project staff to help a family or service provider address any instructional or programming challenges. It can also be combined with training to provide information about areas such as communication and language, visual and auditory adaptations, and transition to adulthood. Idaho Project staff understands the uniqueness of deaf-blindness and the profound impact that a combined vision and hearing loss can have on all area of development.
  • Assistance in identification of individuals, birth through 21 years of age, who have combined vision and hearing loss
  • Provision of on-site or distance technical assistance (e.g., consultation, training) to families, school and agency personnel, and care providers of infants, toddlers, children, and youth who are deaf-blind
  • Monthly mailer sent to families and service providers of age-relevant information
  • Annual summer training
  • Lending library of toys, switches, books, instructional manuals, and DVDs on topics related to deaf-blindness
  • All services are provided free of charge
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