Child and Youth Study Center

Thank you for joining us in our effort to make a difference in the lives of children and youth in the Palouse Region. The Center offers a wide range of diagnostic issues as well as many “real life” challenges in clinical work for students in clinical training. There is a brisk pace of learning the craft of therapy and diagnostics, as well as the integration of science into practice. This is our commitment to providing a high quality, rigorous and comprehensive curriculum/internship.

Insurance and Fees

The Child and Youth Study Center accepts Medicaid and some additional insurance. A sliding fee scalePDF is available for individuals who do not have insurance or for those with insurance we do not accept. Services will not be denied based on an indivuiduals's inablility to pay. Contact the clinic director if you have questions or would like further information about the insurance and/or the sliding fee.

Program Emphasis

The program’s emphasis is on public service to underserved populations such as those who live in rural areas, low-income individuals, severely disturbed children, and children with combined developmental, medical, and psychiatric disorders. We focus on skills related to diagnostics, educational and psychological assessment, consultation, and intevention strategies.

Dr. Gwen Mitchell using a bubble machine with a young child at the Child and Youth Study Center.

Students and Interns

The Child and Youth Study supports clinical psychology students from Washington State University in completing child practicum requirements. Students and interns train in the psychological assessment of children and behavioral therapies.