Interdisciplinary Training

Trainee Opportunities

The Center on Disabilities and Human Development at the University of Idaho recruits students across colleges to spend their undergraduate careers at our Center to work with and learn about the lives of people with disabilities. The Interdisciplinary Coordinator will present an outline of the training curriculum and the unique experiences that enrich student leadership skills as they participate in a variety of disability related activities across the state and nation.

Our trainees work with 11 different projects here at the Center in different administrative capacities:

  • administrative support
  • data entry
  • coding data
  • research
  • assisting in grant writing
  • transcribing interviews for research projects
  • assistive technology demonstrations

All trainees are required to complete an Interdisciplinary Training Plan. The training plan will consist of professional goals the trainee would like to achieve while here at the Center. Goals may range from writing a grant to volunteering at the Tools for Life Transition Fair (conference). We will then identify what kind of support you need to achieve your goals. Trainees and the Interdisciplinary Training Coordinator will meet three times over the semester to update or modify goals. In addition to the training plan, trainees are required to attend the Group Trainings over the semester. Group Trainings will take place once a month in the evening here at the Center. Our topics for trainings this semester are based on the MCH (Maternal and Child Health) competencies: Systems in Which We Work and Life Course. By the end of the semester, trainees will have earned at minimum, 20 hours of professional development in interdisciplinary training studies. These are paid hours and a wonderful opportunity to enhance a resume/vitae during a trainee's college career.

We are now accepting applications for the FALL 2018 semester. Applications need to be submitted to Olivia Lebens.


CDHD Interdisciplinary Training Program

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