Community Advisory Committee

What is the Community Advisory Committee?

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a committee made up of Idahoans with disabilities, their family members and professionals who can provide guidance to CDHD leaders.

With direct experience, CAC members are able to share first-hand knowledge, feedback and insight into the opportunities and challenges facing people with disabilities and their families. We value this feedback and use it to help create change that can benefit those who need it most.

The role of the CAC is to:

  • assist in developing the mission and vision of the CDHD
  • help in developing the CDHD five-year plan
  • provide on-going feedback about activities focused on CDHD goals
  • provide input into the design of courses, activities and products
  • review activity outcomes and provide suggestions for improvement.

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Review the application process, download forms and apply to become a member of CAC.

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Your voice matters

Join CAC and share your voice! We welcome:

  • people with developmental disabilities
  • family members of people with developmental disabilities
  • representatives from state protection and advocacy organizations
  • people who represent advocacy organizations
  • disability advocates
  • elected officials
  • service providers.

To comply with the federal funding mandate, the majority of members must be consumers and family members.

As a member of CAC you will be responsible for:

  • attending three committee meetings per year
  • assisting in establishing systems changes to positively affect lives of people with disabilities
  • helping to maintain the long-term vision of the CDHD
  • helping to establish five-year goals for CDHD activities
  • doing satisfaction monitoring for the CDHD
  • establishing values for the CDHD
  • sharing and promoting what’s going on at the CDHD with agencies and service providers.

Apply to join CAC

If you would like to join CAC, download and review the:

Complete the application included in your application packet, and submit it by:

If you have any questions or need assistance filling out the application, please contact Julie Fodor at 208 885 6218 or