artAbility Digital Showcase

Welcome to the 2024 artAbility Showcase!

Happy 10-year anniversary, artAbility! While it was another amazing year of creating art in the local community, it was also a year to reflect on everything that has brought us to this place. This year, Alena Ramkissoon took over as Project Coordinator. She led the planning and execution of seven workshops! Nearly all of them drew on unique concepts, providing participants with the opportunity to explore new ways of expressing themselves through art.

We’ve done this nine times before, but we’re still as excited as ever to celebrate this year’s artists through our annual Showcase. We’ll again be offering an in-person event as well as a Digital Showcase, which allows friends and family far and wide the opportunity to take part in recognizing all the amazing things this year's artists have created.

A young lady sitting at a table happily looking over her artwork, which is a fabric collage. She is wearing a blue sweatshirt and has dark hair pulled into a ponytail.

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Wanda Anderson
Michael Cisneros
Sarah Cooly
Kenyon Cornelius
Caroline Doty
Tawny Espy

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Johanna Flores
Cory Fong
Mike Gates
Deirdre Gordon
Barbara Gragert
Sam Gragert
Mary Hanley
Heidi Holderman
Hannah Jehn
Hope Klocke

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Peter Mahuron
Jessilyn Matthias
Kristin Miller
James Peterson
Xavier Resnowski
Toby Schultz
Gabe Vollmer

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A special thank you

We would like to give a special thank you to the University of Idaho Arts Fee Grant, Inland Northwest Broadcasting and the Miller family for providing funding for the artAbility project this year. Your generosity has afforded another year of artistic exploration and expression in the Moscow community.

We would also like to thank all volunteers, local artists, natural supports, and CDHD staff and trainees who provided their expertise and support for the project. artAbility would not be possible without you!

2023-24 workshops

This year, Alena planned and carried out seven workshops over the course of the academic year. She sourced ideas from participants and self-advocates to help ensure the Project offered something new and engaging to all involved. Many of the workshops featured an underlying theme of texture (or expericing art through touch). This included printing, collage and clay:

Tree Ring Paper Printing with Nick Koenig

This workshop focused on ink printing using cut tree rounds. Participants applied printing ink to tree rounds and pressed sheets of paper over the rounds to capture the unique rings.

Monochromatic Texture Art with Alena Ramkissoon

Participants used various sculpting tools to manipulate spackle on canvases. The monochromatic look highlights the detailed tactile textures to create an art piece that can be enjoyed visually or through touch.

Relief Block Printing with EDCI 436 Secondary Art Methods students

This workshop had participants using various art materials to create personalized three-sided stamps. They applied fabric ink to their stamps and embellished canvas tote bags with unique designs.

Watercolor Paper Weaving with EDCI 436 Secondary Art Methods students

This unique workshop used watercolors and pastels to create two contrasting paintings on separate sheets of paper. Participants then cut each page into strips and weaved them together to create a single piece of art.

Quilting Collage with Professor Lauren McCleary

Participants selected an assortment of fabrics to create an original collage with a design of their choice or a design inspired by classic quilting patterns.

Clay with David Herbold

The final two workshops of the year focused on clay sculpture. In the first session, participants constructed three-dimensional sculptures with a focus on adding texture to their pieces. In the second session, participants applied glazes to their pieces to add color and shine to their pieces.