Kenyon Cornelius

Kenyon enjoys making potholders and meeting new people. She works in the community at the thrift shop, Palouse Treasures and has sold her pot holders at the Moscow Co-Op. Kenton has been making art since primary school and enjoys art because it is fun and cool. Her favorite medium is painting.

Caroline Doty

Caroline has been making art for 5 years and her favorite medium is painting. She creates art because it is fun. Caroline also works at Hodgins in Moscow when she is not playing with her dog, listening to music, or spending time with friends.

Tawny Espy

Tawny is Vice President of the Self-Advocate Leadership Network (SALN) – Moscow Chapter. She is also involved with the Special Olympics and is a board member of the Idaho Community Advisory Committee (CAC). Tawney enjoys all types of art and has been creating art for over 20 years. To Tawny, art is fun and relaxing. Her other hobbies include playing sports, listening to music, and working on other craft projects. Tawny also enjoys going to church and spending time with family and friends.

Mike Gates

Mike loves all sports, especially baseball. He even plays city league softball for his church. In his free time, Mike works out at Anytime Fitness, watches movies, reads, or tries new activities. He works at StaffPro, is a member of the Self Advocate Leadership Network (SALN) – Moscow Chapter, participates in the Special Olympics, and enjoys attending church. Mike likes art because it gives him a chance to try something new and express himself. His favorite medium is painting, but he is always willing to try new projects. He has been making art for about 3 years and some of Mike’s work has even been submitted to the Moscow Artwalk.

Deirdre Gordon

Deirdre has been making art for the majority of her life. For the most part, she works with drawing and painting. She has participated in Moscow Artwalk and several other art workshops. Deirdre enjoys creating projects using the color red as it is the one color she likes most. Art also gives her the chance to express her creativity. Though she likes art, Deirdre also likes to go for walks, make music, and watch detective shows on television.

Barbara Gragert

Barbara enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, and building, but drawing and painting are her favorites. She has been creating art since she was in preschool and feels relaxed when she is creating something. Barbara has also works in the community as a babysitter.

Erica Hulquist

Erica has been creating art her entire life. Her favorite kind of art is drawing with colored pencils, using the color red specifically. She enjoys art because it allows her to create something wonderful out of lonely space on a blank page. Erica also enjoys stories with a Prince Charming and listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. In her free time, she goes to church or hangs out in coffee shops.

Hannah Jehn

Hannah enjoys reading books, listening to music, and, of course, making art. She is a member of the Self Advocate Leadership Network (SALN) – Moscow Chapter where she participates in disability education, advocacy, and other fun activities. She also likes animals; her favorite are wolves, horses, and coyotes. Hannah’s favorite ways to make art are painting and drawing.

Jessilyn Matthias

Jessilyn enjoys being a part of the community, and has found many ways to do so. She is a member of the Self-Advocacy Leadership Network (SALN) – Moscow Chapter and works at the Center on Disabilities and Human Development (CDHD). Jessilyn is interested in non-profit grant writing and lizards. Art gives Jessilyn the chance to be creative and expressive; she likes that there is no right or wrong answer. The great thing about art is that anyone can do it! Jessilyn likes to notice art everywhere she goes. Her personal favorite ways to create art are through painting, sculpting, and multi-media projects. She has been making art since she was very young, and even took some college art classes, but has become more involved since attending artAbility workshops.

Xavier Reznowski

Xavier has been creating art since his first year in high school. He enjoys building and sculpting, but also likes to draw with pens. His favorite color is gold. Xavier is also a fan of sports; he plays basketball, goes bowling, and does many other activities. He is a member of Pullman Young Life and likes to hang out with his friends with any free time he has.

Toby Schultz

Toby works in the community at the Center on Disabilities and Human Development (CDHD) and is part of the local and state-wide chapters of the Self-Advocacy Leadership Network (SALN). He enjoys art because it is relaxing and also fun. His favorite colors to include in his artwork are blue and green. Toby also enjoys making key chains and paracord bracelets. He has been making art for about 20 years.