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Act Early Idaho helps families and professionals monitor children’s development and identify concerns early. Monitoring children’s development is the first and most important step in identifying children who may need additional supports.

Act Early Idaho provides useful tools and materials for families with young children during COVID-19. These resources may help families adapt to changes in their routines and reduce stress, while promoting child and family resiliency.

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Our Goals

  • Develop and coordinate an Act Early Idaho State Team.
  • Complete a state needs assessment related to current barriers and opportunities for early identification.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate strategic early identification opportunities.
  • Identify, implement and evaluate strategies to improve resiliency of Idaho’s young children and their families.

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Four Steps of Early Identification

  1. Parent-engaged developmental monitoring.
  2. General developmental and autism screening.
  3. Referral to early intervention.
  4. Receipt of early intervention services for children birth to 5.


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Melissa Crist, M.S.

CDC Act Early Ambassador to Idaho, Act Early Team Lead

Noreen Womack, MD

FAAP – Act Early Team Co-Lead