2019 Autism Summit Panels

Idaho Autism Summit

November 2, 2019

Improving Mental Health
of Children and Adults with
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Expert Panel Presentations

Appropriate Use of Psychiatric Medications in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Expert Panel:

  • Robert Hendren, DO
  • J.T. Leavell, MD
  • Ninon Germain, MD
  • Jeff Hall, PhD
  • Ian Bott, Self-advocate

Moderator: Abhilash Desai, MD

Video coming soon!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) - Behavior Management in Autism

Expert Panel:

  • Audrey Kennedy, BCBA
  • Maggie Imlay, BCBA
  • Amanda DeYoung, MD
  • Ian Bott, Self-advocate

Moderator: Julie Fodor, PhD

Video coming soon!