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Cassie Anderson

Cassie likes to be outside, swing, ride four-wheelers, swim, kayak, and watch TV. 

She has been making art for the past 30 years. While she enjoys several mediums, her favorite is working with markers. Cassie feels it is the most motor function friendly and is the best way for her to express her creative self. 


Workshop: Texture Exploration
Mixed media: clay and acrylic paint on a wooden board

From the top left corner, there is a red square on the white clay. Moving left, there are blue brush strokes that slowly become purple and green. These brush strokes continue to the center in red and yellow, creating bits of orange.

The top right corner has an imprinted shape with five petals painted red. There is a thick vertical stroke under this red shape in a gray-blue color. The white clay is exposed as the paint gets closer to the edges.

Kenyon Cornelius profile picture

Kenyon Cornelius

Kenyon has been making art for 40 years. Her favorite mediums are paints of any kind and photography. She loves art and thinks attending workshops is fun.

In her free time, Kenyon likes both watching and playing baseball, coloring, and shopping at Safeway. She hopes to work in the community someday. 


Workshop: Texture Exploration
Mixed media: clay and acrylic paint on a wooden board

On the top left is a mixture of red and dark purple brush strokes covering a wrinkled texture. This is followed by a light purple and white area that surrounds two black ovals and a red oval. To the right of the ovals is a green and red area textured with a paperclip imprint.

Moving to the lower center, there is a yellow strip between two green strips. To the right, a striped, pink, white, and red pattern covers a lined texture. The top center has a red orange painted grid texture that extends to the right corner. Below this is a strip of light blue brush work that curves down to meet the pink, red, and white stripes.

There are ten small crystal beads on top of blue that curves around an area of grid-textured green, yellow and red on the left. There are green and blue beads on the bottom left and two piles of orange beads at the top.

Caroline Doty profile picture

Caroline Doty

Caroline Doty has been making art since she was little. Her favorite medium is painting but loves learning new skills at the artAbility workshops.

Caroline works at Hodgins’s and enjoys spending time with her niece and hanging out with her friends on her free time. 


Workshop: Texture Exploration
Mixed media: clay and acrylic paint on a wooden board

Beginning from the left, the clay is textured using circular imprints and organic shapes formed by pinched clay. This section is partially painted in dark and light shades of blue. Moving right, there is a round imprint painted green. Below this are two pinched pockets of red.

To the right of the green is a similarly textured red portion. Below it is a green patch in the center of the piece that transitions into a bright yellow, extending to the right top corner. There is a blue strip that surrounds the yellow strip at the top right.

Below this is a larger portion that spans from the center to the left with shades of pink. There is a bright yellow line that outlines the lower part of the pink portion. The bottom center has two patches of light green.

Anger, Anxious and Happy

Workshop: Color and Emotion Exploration
Acrylic painting on square canvases

This entire piece is painted red with noticeable brush strokes. The white of the canvas can be seen at the edges. There is a vertical yellow thunderbolt symbol in the center that spans most of the painting.
This entire piece is painted a dark purple with noticeable brushstrokes. The white of the canvas can be seen at the edges. In the center is a light blue circular figure formed with a coiled line. In the center of this is another smaller coiled figure. Above this is a coiled line that starts small on the left and gets larger to the right.
The background is painted pink with noticeable brushstrokes. The white of the canvas can be seen at the edges. At the lower center are three flowers implied by thin dark green vertical lines. A brush stroke to the right of each stem extends from the center, creating a leaf. The stems are topped by a bright yellow, round brush stroke, creating the flower.

Tawny Espy profile picture

Tawny Espy

Tawny has been making art for over 20 years. She enjoys art because it’s relaxing and she loves crafting and working with all mediums. She also enjoys sports and has been involved in basketball, bowling, swimming, and track.

Tawny is also a member of the Idaho Self-Advocate Leadership Network. 

Hip Hip Horray, Summer Quilt, Idaho Winter

Workshop: Color and Emotion Exploration
Mixed media on square canvases

Hip Hip Hooray
This is a mixed media piece using a square canvas, pompoms, a flower, gem shaped embellishments. In the middle of the piece is a square white canvas with a grey face. The face has two red ears, two round eyes with black circles under them, and a pink, open mouth with four square teeth. The canvas has a square cut out at the face. Above the face is a red pompom. The outer edges of the wooden board are embellished with purple, pink, blue and green gems shaped like flowers, hearts and butterflies. There is a yellow pompom on the right edge and a dried flower on the left.
Summer Quilt
This is a design using crayons on a square canvas. The piece is divided into a four-by-four grid. Each square is filled with a color or a design. Across the top row, from left to right, there is a green star, “Great Aunt” written in green, a pink flower and a red heart. Line two, from left to right, there is “Good Artist” written in purple followed by squares filled with pink, green and blue. Line three, from left to right, there is a light pink square, “Good Dog Mom” written in yellow and blue, a red square and a yellow square. Line 4, from left to right, there is a green, purple, light blue and pink square.
Idaho Winter
This is a mixed media piece using acrylic paint and gem embellishments on a square canvas. The background of this piece is white. In the center of this piece is a tree featuring a thick, light brown trunk. Coming off either side of the trunk are long, green branches that come to a peak at the top center of the canvas. The branches are embellished with different ornaments, including red painted circles and multicolored gems shaped like flowers, butterflies and hearts. At the base of the three, there are four presents, painted red with yellow dots and black and red bows. At the top left corner of the tree is an angel with a pink smiley face, a blue triangle torso, yellow wings outlined in black, and a black halo. The top right corner has three yellow stars.