Welcome to the Annual artAbility Showcase!

2021 was another successful year for artAbility despite the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic. We moved our workshops online to allow us to continue providing an outlet for self-expression. All artists were given pre-prepared kits with all the supplies they needed to participate from a distance.

As tradition holds, this is our end of the year gallery-style showcase – presented in a digital format to allow everyone the chance to celebrate the artists and their art!

Get to Know this Year's Artists and View their Work

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Cassie Anderson
Kenyon Cornelius
Caroline Doty
Tawny Espy

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Johanna Flores
Dierdre Gordon
Barbara Gragert
Mary Hanley
Hannah Jehn

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Jessilyn Matthias
Kristin Miller
Toby Schultz
Gabe Vollmer

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A Special Thank You

We would like to give a special thank you to Stepping Stones, Inc. and the private donor for funding the artAbility project. Your generosity has afforded another year of artistic exploration and expression in the Moscow community.

Logo: Stepping Stones.

We would also like to thank all the staff and trainees at the Idaho Center on Disabilities and Human Development who provided their expertise and support for the project. artAbility would not be possible without you!

2021 Workshops

This year's workshops were held entirely online, with artists logging in via Zoom to watch, learn and participate. We focused on a range of artistic mediums, with sessions exploring textures, color and emotion, and Native American art and culture:

Texture Exploration
This topic covered two workshops that focused on creating textures on clay. The goal was to explore the possible textures the artists could create using sculpting tools and found objects. The artists then painted and added objects to their clay to highlight the different textures.
Color and Emotion Exploration
This topic was also explored over two workshops. The artists were encouraged to think of an emotion and express it through color. The goal was to help destigmatize talking about and expressing emotion by providing a safe space to share their color and emotion associations.
Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) Drumstick Decorating
This workshop was made possible through the collaboration from two Nimiipuu tribal members, Stacia Morfin and her Elder Pistol Pete kindly shared their cultural background and traditions. Handcrafted Nimiipuu drumsticks were given to each participant to decorate. Nimiipuu cultural history was shared. This was followed by Stacia performing a medicine dance accompanied by traditional singing and drumming from tribal Elder Pistol Pete.

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