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Johanna Flores

Johanna has been making art for several years with the help of artAbility. She loves attending workshops because they’re fun and has made friends there. Her favorite medium is paint but loves music as well.

I love to hang out with my friends at the mall, at the park, or at the rec center, and to watch the show 'Supernatural' and other shows with my friend James, and 'McLeod’s Daughters' with my parents. I love to sing in my church choir and to participate in Special Olympics. I volunteer twice a week at Moscow Day School, once a week at the University of Idaho Children’s Center, and work twice a week at Goodwill Industries. I also meet with friends and UI students once a week at the 1912 Center to play games and go on other outings. I like to make art with others to see my work and to see their art works.

Johanna, in her own words


Workshop: Texture Exploration
Mixed media: clay and acrylic paint on a wooden board

Embedded in the clay are various items. There is string of metallic silver beads and a string of black yarn enclosing most of the items. There are five rocks going left to right: one on the bottom left, one in the top left, two closer to the right center, and one at the top right.

To the right of the bottom left rock is a pile of red yarn and a small screw. Below the top left rock is a golden leaf charm and paint marks in red, yellow, and green paint. The two right central rocks are surrounded in dark purple brush strokes.

There is also a red button to the lower left of the rocks, a smaller orange button on their upper left and a pink flower button to their upper right. In the top center is a triangle cut out of sandpaper. The top right rock has a brown button to the left and yellow brush strokes.

The top right corner has a silver screw and the bottom right a pile of blue yarn with yellow brush strokes.

Happiness, Love and Surprise

Workshop: Color and Emotion Exploration
Acrylic painting on square canvases

The piece is made up of thick green strokes in varying values. Each stroke is heavier at the edges, creating finer lines within the stroke. From the top, dark green strokes run in a vertical direction from the top left corner to the bottom left corner. At the bottom left, there are two noticeable streaks in red. One runs along the left edge, and the other runs along the bottom edge.
This entire piece is painted red. There is a visual texture created by swirly brush strokes in the red paint. There are small hints of pink and darker reds throughout the piece produced by the varying thickness of the red paint on the white canvas.
The background of this piece is painted blue. There are curved white and light blue strokes along the left edge. Along the bottom edge are vertical blue-green and yellow strokes that progressively get longer from left to right, reaching a length of half the painting. There are other hints of white and yellow throughout the piece.

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Dierdre Gordon

Dierdre has been making art since her childhood. She enjoys it because she is good at it and enjoys painting for her mom. Dierdre likes attending workshops because she can make art and interact with her friends. She also likes riding trains.


Workshop: Texture Exploration
Mixed media: clay and acrylic paint on a wooden board

The clay is textured with a scraped texture of four parallel lines. This lined texture forms three main peaks that cover the piece from left to right. The piece is painted in short brush strokes of different values of violet, green, red, and magenta. There is an orange circle outlined in red at the top right corner.

There are two predominant cracks in the clay that separate it in three main sections: a diagonal one from the top left corner to the bottom center and another from the center bottom to the middle right edge.

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Barbara Gragert

Barbara has been making art since she was five years old. She has several interests which include dolls, arts, crafts, and jewelry making. Previously, she was active in the Self-Advocate Leadership Network and now is involved in Special Olympics.

Her favorite physical activity is bowling. Barbara enjoys art because it is a form of self-expression and can be used as a coping mechanism. She enjoys all types of arts and so has no favorite medium.


Workshop: Texture Exploration
Mixed media: clay, acrylic paint, glitter, pompoms, feathers and googly-eyes

The bottom left corner is black and white googly-eyes on wood. Moving up the left, the clay is textured with circular imprints and are painted green, blue, pink and yellow. They are also covered in color matched glitter. To the center, there are larger circular imprints painted black and covered with white glitter. To the left of this is a similar strip done with purple.

To left of the purple are two strips in light blue and pink that stretch from the center to the right top and bottom corners. This separates the section into three triangles: the top with a black grid texture and red glitter, the middle right with blue circular imprints and white glitter, and the bottom with a black grid texture and silver glitter.

There are multi-colored pompoms that line the top and a pile on the bottom right corner. There is a blue feather at the top and a purple feather at the bottom.

Anger, Beautiful, Fear, Happy, Love and Sadness

Workshop: Color and Emotion Exploration
Acrylic painting on square canvases

The background of this painting is red. At the bottom, there are deep, dark red spirals with thick and thin application. Out of the spirals are long, vertical brush strokes going up. These are mostly bright yellow with some red, dark red, and orange. At the bottom of each yellow stroke are red vertical accent strokes. Moving up are smaller brush strokes in yellow. At the very top, slightly left, is the word “Anger” in black.
There are many simple, five-petal flowers done in a deep red-purple, a muted pink, a pink-orange, light yellow, red, blue, and light blue. The flowers overlap each other unevenly, leaving the white canvas exposed. In the center is the word “Beautiful” painted in white and outlined in black.
The background of this painting is grey. A thick, light green strip is painted across the canvas about halfway up. Many dark green linear strokes are painted over the light green, representing flower stems. At the top of each stem are flowers represented by dots in yellow, red, pink, blue and light blue. Near the middle of the painting, atop the flowers is a black and white skunk with a pink nose and white eyes. A green and white cloud is coming out from under its busy tail. The word “Fear” is written in red across the bottom.
Starting at the top of the canvas, there is a light blue horizontal strip followed by a red strip, pink strip, yellow strip and a green strip. This creates a gradient of colors moving down the painting. At the center, a large yellow circle interrupts the blue, pink and yellow horizontal strips. The circle is outlined in pink, representing a sun. From the green, six dark green vertical lines come up to touch the sun, representing growing plants with leaves. At the bottom , the word “Happy” is written in black and outlined in white.
The background of this painting is pink. There are four heart shapes in two columns of two. The hearts are dark pink, red, purple and dark purple. They feature noticeable brush strokes and are outlined in black. The word “Love” is written in the middle over the top of the hearts in black and outlined in white.
The background of this painting is blue. There is a large black cloud shape toward the center. Three smaller cloud shapes are painted over the black cloud in a gray-blue color. Yellow thunderbolts are coming out of the three gray-blue clouds with dark blue rain drops funning from the bottom of the clouds to the bottom of the painting. The word “Sadness” is written across the bottom in white.

Doll Clothes

Personal work
Doll clothing in different materials and colors

Purple dress
This handmade doll dress has light purple fabric patterned with characters from the Disney's Frozen. The light purple fabric shows Elsa, Ana and Olaf surrounded by snowflakes. Around the waist of the dress are small, clear gemstones with one larger purple stone in the center. The straps of the dress are made from thin, light pink ribbon.
White dress
This dress is made of white fabric sewn with black thread. There is black trip along the bottom of the skirt. A thin strip of black fabric goes across the upper part of the dress and ties in a bow in the back. In the middle of the strip, there is a small, red fabric rose with two green leaves and two clear gemstones on each side. There is a white ribbon that goes around the waist of the dress with clear gemstones all the way around it.
Green outfit
This two piece outfit features a tanktop and pants. It is made of light green, textured fabric. The tanktop is has a straight cut with different sized light and dark green gemstones all over. The pants feature a line of light and dark green gemstones around the waist, and a line of dark green gemstones down the outter seam of each leg.

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Mary Hanley

Mary has been making art her “whole darn life!” So much so, that her mom has a picture of her and her sister “buck naked in the bathtub, completely covered with paint!”

Mary likes attending artAbility workshops because of the many artists that are in town. She hopes to one day meet them all. Her favorite medium is colored pencils and enjoys ceramics and sculpture as well. She enjoys art because she likes learning new things and working with colors.

I am a 22-year-old young adult. I like to visit with my friends, go to the library, go on walks and eat sushi. My favorite movies are Eddie and the Cruisers I and II. I also like La Bamba and Cyberchase. My most recent favorite is The Flintstones! I am part of the 1912 Buddy Group. We meet every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. I’m also a member of The Self Advocacy Learning Network, which meets once a month. Every once in a while, I go to brunch with my old friends in the Moscow High School 18-21 Program. I am not currently working in the community but would love to find part time work.

Mary, in her own words

Anger, Excited and Happy

Workshop: Color and Emotion Exploration
Acrylic painting on square canvases

This piece is painted red with short diagonal strokes that point to the top right. There are a few similar strokes in dark green at the top left corner, on the left edge, and toward the middle. The paint is applied thick on the left and thins out as it reaches the bottom and left side. This creates sections that appear pink and others leaving the white canvas exposed.
Beginning on the left are vertical clusters of blue spots applied so thick as to appear black. There are two white and green spots towards the bottom of this area. Moving right, there are black and yellow strokes across the top, becoming blue and white as they reach the right corner. Below this are thick yellow strokes that lead down to the center, becoming orange as they go down and red as they go to the right. Above the red, right-most center are strokes of white with streaks of green and purple that become blue toward the right edge.
The white canvas can be seen throughout the piece. Most of the piece is painted red with random brush strokes. The paint is applied thick in the center, appearing dark red. It becomes thinner as it expands out, becoming pink and leaving a grainy texture with the exposed, white canvas.

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Hannah Jehn

Hannah loves music. She listened to it on her CD player, the radio and YouTube. She loves to read, and, during the pandemic, has started riding her three-wheeled bike. She likes to ride to Hordeman’s Pond and always brings an apple or carrot for the neighborhood horse.

Hannah has been making art most of her life. She enjoys artAbility and all the different types of art she gets to experience through the workshops. Especially the painting and drumming workshops. She is a member of the Self-Advocate Leadership Network and participates in the 1912 Buddies with her peers and UI students. Hannah has two volunteer jobs at Palouse Pediatric Dentistry and the Moscow Food Co-Op.


Workshop: Texture Exploration
Mixed media: white clay, acrylic paint, and leaves and pine needles on a wooden board

The clay mass is centered on the board and nearly reaches the top and bottom edges. The wooden board is exposed on all four corners.

The clay is textured with random imprints of organic rough textures. on the left, the texture is painted in light blue, red, and purple brush strokes that allow the white clay textures to stand out. Below this is a dry brown leaf.

Below brown leaf are two sets of long pine needles on a diagonal. There are also blades of dry grass. Moving to the top right, the textured clay is painted red with hints of purple. Below this is an area of yellow and green brush strokes.

Sad, Smile and Surprise

Workshop: Color and Emotion Exploration
Acrylic painting on square canvases

The white canvas background is exposed throughout the piece. In the center of the piece is an array of brush strokes. The upper brush strokes are dark green the central brush strokes are dark purple, and lower brush strokes are violet.
The white canvas background is exposed throughout the piece. In the center of the piece is an array of diagonal brush strokes. The brush strokes are mostly light blue with streaks of white towards the bottom. Below theses brush strokes are others in dark blue. To the far right of the piece are two hints of pink.
The white canvas background is exposed throughout the piece. The piece consists of wide, green brush strokes in a variety of directions that lead from the edge of the painting toward the center. The paint is applied in varying thicknesses producing lighter and darker shades of green. Layered above the green is a small, red form that leads down to an orange form. On the right is a long pink form that reaches from the top center of the piece down to the bottom right. There are three specks of pink toward the top right corner.