Giving Tuesday 2022

8 ways to get involved in Giving Tuesday

Gearing up for Giving Tuesday: eight ways to get involved

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be mainstays in holiday prep tradition, but Giving Tuesday is quickly becoming another holiday tradition for people around the world.

Established in 2012, Giving Tuesday is just as the name suggests – a global day of giving. It takes place every year on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, prompting people to give what they can to local, state, national or global causes. Whether it’s time, talents, money or resources, it’s all about spreading generosity around the globe.

This year, Giving Tuesday will take place on November 29, and we’re counting eight easy ways we can all get involved. Remember to share your stories on social media (#GivingTuesday) to help spread the word.

1. Make a donation to your favorite local charity

Starting off with a classic charitable act here – make a money donation to your favorite charity. Whether it’s a local women’s shelter or an organization tackling global challenges, your money will go towards providing a helping hand wherever or whenever it’s needed most.

If you have the resources available, you may even consider hosting a fundraising event with all funds going to a designated charity. provides plenty of information on how organizations, small businesses, schools, foundations and more can get involved. 

2. Give blood

Did you know that many donation centers throughout the US are currently in urgent need of donors? Now is the perfect time to make an appointment and donate your blood to save someone’s life. Organizations like the American Red Cross offer donation centers across Idaho and you can schedule your appointment online!

3. Volunteer your time

Donating your time is a great way to get involved in Giving Tuesday. Many Idaho nonprofits and charity organizations welcome volunteers. Your generosity will have an immediate positive impact. Plus, it’s a chance to connect with your community and meet new people.

What’s better is that research has shown that volunteering your time for a positive cause can benefit your mental health and emotional well-being. All up, giving your time is a win-win for everyone!

Check out for opportunities available throughout Idaho.

4. Give nourishment

Food donations are always appreciated, particularly around the holiday season. You can:

  • donate goods to your local food bank
  • participate in a local food drive
  • organize a food pantry for your community
  • purchase holiday groceries for those in need at your local grocery store.

There are many ways to donate nourishment. The Idaho Foodbank website provides more information about how you can donate food in your local area.

5. Help your neighbors

Helping out on Giving Tuesday can be as simple as lending a hand to your next-door neighbor. Think along the lines of mowing their lawn, shoveling their driveway or collecting their mail if they’re out of town.

Any small act of kindness will almost certainly brighten their day and help cultivate a sense of community in your neighborhood. Who knows, your generosity may even rub off and they’ll return the favor next time you need a little help.

6. Say thank you

Speaking of small acts of kindness, a simple ‘thank you’ next time someone helps you out is definitely in the spirit of Giving Tuesday. From postal workers to teachers, there are plenty of people out there providing essential services that may be taken for granted. Take the time to let them know that their efforts are not unnoticed by writing a letter, leaving a note, or giving a small gift as a token of your appreciation.

7. Don’t forget our furry friends

Spread some love to friends of the four-legged variety this Giving Tuesday by donating to your local animal shelter or rescue. As needs can vary across the state, it’s worth contacting your local shelter or humane society to ask them how to help.

Generally speaking, volunteers, foster homes, food, toys and money are all great ways to give.

8. Do something nice

Sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture to start a chain of kindness that lasts through the day! Pay a kind word. Treat the person behind you to a coffee. Or simply hold the door for someone with their hands full.

Giving Tuesday is all about spreading kindness and generosity throughout the world. It doesn’t have to be a major money donation. It just has to have a positive impact, and a smile can go a long way in making the world just a little bit better.