Happy retirement, Dr Robin Greenfield

Happy retirement, Dr Robin Greenfield!

CDHD Associate Director, Dr Robin Greenfield is retiring

Dr Robin Greenfield, CDHD Associate Director and Director of the Idaho Project for Children and Youth with Deaf-Blindness is retiring this month. Her last day is December 17.

Robin has been at the CDHD for 30 years! Her incredible work has been essential to the success of the Center and its projects. Her efforts and expertise have resulted in many valued resources for Idaho’s disability community.

We asked if she had a favorite memory of her time at the CDHD. She said “That’s a hard one! My memories are really about the people at the Center. So many people have provided me with support as well as the Deaf-Blind Project.

“It’s also about the dedication of the people at the CDHD in improving the lives of people with disabilities – committed and strong advocates. It’s impressive!”

Despite a much-earned reprieve from the ol’ 9 to 5, Robin has no plans to slow down. When asked her about her retirement plans, she said, “Well, if we can get this little pandemic to calm down, I am going to do a pilot art program at a nursing home here in Boise.

“It’s a program that the Museum of Modern Art in New York does for people with Alzheimer’s. Once a month, they come to the museum with their caregivers and walk around. They look at four to five pieces of art.

“Prior to COVID, the program was also brought to nursing homes in the form of posters or a slide show. A nursing home here in Boise has agreed to let me do the program as soon as the [COVID] numbers come down. Hopefully in the spring or summer.”

It’s not all work on the books, though. Robin also commented, “I also have a ticket to France in September. Again, just need this pandemic to behave!”

As for any parting words or advice, she simply said, “Keep your sense of humor!”

Thank you, Robin, for 30 years! We all wish you the very best in your retirement.