IATP logo update

IATP logo update

The Idaho Assistive Technology Project has a new logo

The Idaho Assistive Technology Project (IATP) is proud to announce a new look, featuring a new logo and updated color scheme. The new look has been rolled out on the IATP website, with more changes to come!

A cleaner, modern look

In considering a logo update, the main goal was to create a look that is contemporary and representative of the wide breadth of services the IATP provides. It was also important to use timeless design elements that will continue to represent the Project for many years to come.

The new look utilizes the IATP acronym in clean, white letters. It also features a power button, which is a universally recognized icon of technology. The overall look is bold, modern and eye-catching. It draws on the literal and figurative meaning of power – powering technology, powering choice, powering independence and a better quality of life.

The new color scheme is dominated by green tones, which symbolize growth and stability. Gray and red secondary colors add variety and a pop of color, while representing knowledge, energy and passion.

Staff and stakeholders are excited about the change, noting that the new look is cleaner, easier to read and more welcoming.

Updated website and more

You can see the new logo and color scheme on the IATP website. All pages have been updated with the new look, with more changes to come. A plan is in place to streamline the site for an improved user experience.

The new IATP logo has also been rolled out across the Idaho AT for All website. This site is used statewide for the AT Exchange Program and Lending Library inventory. Idahoans and organizations can add information about used assistive technology equipment to the site, with the intention of reselling, donating or loaning the equipment.

In addition to the new logo, other updates and improvements to the site include:

  • a more intuitive homepage design that makes it easier to find available items
  • search view layouts that can be changed to make it easier to view search results
  • items can now be placed in a cart and requested.

Check out the new look on both sites and stay tuned for more improvements to come!