ITC document accessibility training

ITC launches new document accessibility training series

ITC launches new accessibility training modules

The Idaho Training Clearinghouse (ITC) has launched a new series of training modules tackling document accessibility. This comprehensive collection of videos covers a range of important accessibility rules that should be followed when creating documents.

There are 16 videos in total, each one running from three to five minutes long. Users can expect a guided walk-through of each topic, with instructions relevant to Word documents, PowerPoint (PPT) presentations and PDFs. There are also instructions suitable for Mac and PCs.

Learn how to choose appropriate font size, create accessible links, build accessible tables and more.

Access all videos online for free through the ITC website.

If you have any questions about the training videos or document accessibility, you can call the ITC at
208 885 6000 or email   

What is document accessibility?

Accessibility is an important part of creating digital documents. This helps to build documents that can be as easily read by a person with a vision disability as a sighted person.

This is achieved by following a series of rules – such as font size, remediation tags and color contrast – that are designed to bring structure, order and standards to your document. Not only does this make your document visually easier to read, but it also helps to ensure that a screen reader can:

  • clearly read your document in a logical order
  • maneuver through your document
  • access document properties and styles
  • read descriptions of images that bring important context to your content.

From Word documents to presentations and spreadsheets, it’s important to understand the properties that make each of your documents accessible for all readers. While it takes some time and effort to fully understand everything about document accessibility, there are some easy first steps you can take to put yourself on the right track.

Get started by checking out ITC’s new series of document accessibility training modules.