Sue Bashinski webinar series

Susan Bashinski webinar series

New ITC webinar: three-part series with Dr Susan Bashinski

The Idaho Training Clearinghouse will be hosting a new webinar series with Dr Susan Bashinski – Instruction with Learners who Experience Significant Multiple Disabilities. This three-part series will cover identifying, creating and providing appropriate supports for students with multiple disabilities.

The first session is scheduled for January 19. Registration is required.  

Read on for more information about each session …

Session 1: Identifying Appropriate Adaptation Strategies to Support Academic Learning

January 19 from 3-5pm PT/4-6pm MT

This session will cover COACH: Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children: A Guide to Educational Planning for Students with Disabilities, presented by Michael Giangreco and his colleagues.

Participants can expect a general overview of educational accommodations and modifications before moving into the major elements and five instructional levels introduced in COACH. You will then work together to identify possible instructional activities for each level/type of teaching included in the COACH structure.

Session 2: Creating Support Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors from an Instructional Perspective

January 26 from 3-5pm PT/4-6pm MT

This session will focus on challenging behaviors. Dr Bashinski will discuss “management’ of behaviors from an instructional perspective. This includes information on how to teach both educational team members and learners. Participants can expect to learn more about how to recognize triggers and how to shape more desirable behaviors.

Session 3: Providing Appropriate Supports for Paraprofessionals who Work with Learners who Experience Significant Multiple Disabilities

February 2, 2023 from 3-5pm PT/4-6pm MT

This third and final session will cover skill areas and activities for teachers and services staff to focus on with the paraprofessionals they work with. This includes discussion on:

  • development of schedules
  • strategies for encouraging active learner participation
  • considerations for effective communication between paraprofessionals and other education team members.

About Susan Bashinski

This three-part series is hosted by Dr Susan Bashinski, Professor of Special Education and current Interim Dean of the Missouri Western State University Graduate School.

Dr Bashinksi has more than 40 years of experience working with learners who experience multiple disabilities. Her areas of expertise include early communication, gestural communication, language development and augmentative communication.

These interests are grounded in educational practice as an educator and researcher. She strives to conduct pragmatic research that translates into effective everyday practice. She also passes on this knowledge through the courses she teaches and workshops for families and professionals.