Spread the word

March 28: Spread the word!

March 28: Spread the Word!

We’re spreading the word to stop the word! As part of National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we are campaigning to end the use of the r-word.

Join us:

 Monday, March 28 from 10 am to 12 pm PT
In front of the ISUB building (near Einstein Bagels) 
Moscow University of Idaho campus

Come see us for some goodies and information about why it’s important to end the use of the r-word to promote awareness and inclusion in our community.

Spread the word to end the word

The r-word has become a common expression used to describe people with disabilities. And though it’s a demeaning and outdated term that causes pain and isolation, it’s still used in our society today.

There are approximately 200 million people with disabilities in the world, commonly left out because of the stigmatization behind the r-word. It’s an outdated term that’s offensive to those with disabilities, their families, their friends and anyone that advocates for more inclusive communities.

‘Spread the word to end the word’ is a national campaign that developed in 2009. Two youth leaders began working with leaders and self-advocates to collect digital and physical pledges to end the use of the r-word.  The movement continues today, focusing on spreading awareness about the harmful effects this word has on the disability community.

It’s also about advocating with our community members to promote the use of a new word – inclusion.  

Help us spread the word on March 28! No signup is necessary – just drop by and learn more about the importance of this campaign.

The actions you take to promote inclusion are important. Although they may feel small, they contribute to making the world a better place for everyone!