New CDHD logo

The new CDHD logo

CDHD logo: We have a new look!

The CDHD has launched a new look! After much consideration, conversation and feedback, we developed a new logo and color scheme. You’ll see these changes rolled out across the CDHD and our communications in the coming days, from our business cards to our website.

Representing the CDHD

Our values and goals are an important part of who we are. We wanted our new logo to be a symbol that truly represents the CDHD and what we stand for.

This new logo draws on the symbolism of its shapes and colors to add deeper meaning and importance. The triangle, for example, symbolizes positive energy, light and power. We’ve used five of them. 

Individually, each one represents a core function of the CDHD. Together, they form a collection of bold, angular peaks that evoke our famous mountain ranges in recognition of our role as the UCEDD for the state of Idaho.

And finally, the colors are dominated by blue tones often associated with trust, sincerity, imagination and inspiration – all sentiments that we aspire to instill in everything we do.

Developing a new logo

While today is the first day that we’re sharing our new logo, the process actually began many months ago.

Toward the end of 2020, a small group of employees – aptly named the CDHD logo team – got together to discuss the prospect of creating a new logo. After reviewing our resources and requirements, it was settled. A new logo would go ahead, provided that it:

  • looks clean and contemporary
  • features a versatile design that will remain modern and relevant
  • represents the CDHD appropriately.

All potential designs were completed in-house and went through a thorough review and elimination process. This included presentations to leadership teams, CDHD staff and our Community Advisory Committee, providing valuable feedback that helped refine the final vision.

In the end, voices were heard! Votes were cast! And our new logo emerged.

Now the fun part begins. We get to share it with all of you.

Our new look will steadily be applied to everything that has to do with the CDHD, so keep your eye out. We’re excited to share our new look with you and hope that you love it as much as we do.