CDHD Student Trainees

Top eight amazing things about becoming a CDHD student trainee

Top eight reasons to become a CDHD student trainee

Did you know we recruit University of Idaho students from across colleges and disciplines to work with our different projects and help around the Center? There are many benefits to becoming a student trainee – here are our top eight:

You’re a student first

Your time at the CDHD is an extension of your education. We understand the demands of study and work with you to develop a schedule that balances work and student life.

You’ll earn an hourly wage

We value your time. You’ll earn a competitive hourly wage while working with us.

You’ll meet lots of cool people

From fellow trainees to members of the local community, you will meet many different people from many different backgrounds. You’ll work with staff across all levels and network with state and national agencies. Our trainees finish up their time at the CDHD with a few new contacts and many new friends.

You’ll gain professional experience

You’ll spend your time in a working office environment, completing tasks that help our Projects achieve their goals. This means real professional experience that will boost your resume and remain relevant after you graduate. Inclusive event planning, project leadership, marketing, support grant writing, technology demonstrations – the list goes on. You’ll receive training and experience across a range of professional skills.  

You’ll advocate for and with people with disabilities

Your time will be spent working and advocating with the disability community. Not only will you gain an understanding of the challenges facing people with disabilities, but you’ll also help address those challenges and celebrate the achievements that lead to a more inclusive Idaho.  

You can network and make professional connections

Our work involves state and national agencies. This includes partners and organizations around Idaho. From travelling to the Capitol for Fred Riggers Disability Day to helping out at Tools for Life, you will have the chance to network with professionals across a range of industries.

You’ll get involved with the local community

We facilitate several opportunities for the local community and encourage our trainees to get involved. These events include artAbility workshops – art workshops led by local artists for people with disabilities. Or adaptive movement classes – exercise sessions that encourage people of all abilities to get moving. We also help with Courageous Kids Climbing – an event hosted each year at the University of Idaho Rec Center where children with disabilities can use adaptive equipment to try out the rock wall.  

Most of all, you’ll have fun!

Joining the CDHD team is all about helping others, getting involved and learning within a positive and supportive environment. If you’d like to learn more, check out our Student Trainee page or email Olivia Lebens ( for more information about current opportunities.