Join CAC 2022

Your Voice Matters! Join CAC

Join our Community Advisory Committee

If you’re a person with a disability or a family member of a person with a disability, your voice matters!

We are currently recruiting new members for our Community Advisory Committee (CAC), and we want to hear from you.

What is CAC?

CAC is a committee made up of Idahoans with disabilities, their families and professionals who can provide guidance to CDHD leaders. With direct experience, CAC members can share first-hand knowledge, feedback and insight into the opportunities and challenges facing people with disabilities and their families.

We value this feedback and use it to create change that can benefit those who need it most.

Member responsibilities

As a member of CAC, you will be responsible for attending three meetings per year to:

  • help plan CDHD activities
  • tell us what’s important to you
  • meet people from around the state.

If you think you’d like to join, we welcome:

  • people with disabilities
  • family members of people with disabilities
  • representatives from state protection and advocacy organizations
  • people who represent advocacy organizations
  • disability advocates
  • elected officials
  • service providers.  

How to apply

It's pretty easy to apply! Visit our CAC page to read more about the Committee.

You’ll also find application instructions, including links to the CAC Bylaws and the CAC Application Packet. Once you’ve reviewed all the information, you’ll just need to fill out the application and submit it one of three ways:

If you have any questions or need help with the application, we have you covered. Contact Julie Fodor at or 208 885 6128.