Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from the CDHD!

Giving thanks: 15 things we're grateful for at the CDHD

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to reflect. And that’s exactly what we’re doing by honoring the age-old tradition of expressing our thanks.

While the year has had its challenges, we have plenty to celebrate here at the CDHD and our staff is proving it. Here are just a few things that we’re thankful for this year …

I’m thankful for the dedicated, knowledgeable and caring staff who work at the CDHD across the state! The staff at CDHD make a difference in children, adult and family’s lives. You are wonderful collaborators, teachers, trainers, coordinators, leaders and implementers. Thank you for all that you do.

Julie Fodor, Director, CDHD —

A selfie of Gwen Mitchell and a friend

I’m thankful for CDHD friends who invite me to see their children play in sporting events. Hurray to Barbara Broyles and her daughter Hannah! We masked up and watched Hannah play college basketball at the new Idaho Central Credit Union Arena!

— Gwen Mitchell, Associate Clinical Professor, Clinical Services

I am thankful for having the opportunity to be a coordinator for artAbility. I am thankful that I am working and collaborating on a project that focuses on creating workshops in an enriching way for adults with disabilities and for myself.

Areli Morfin, Interdisciplinary Trainee, Coordinator, artAbility —

A photo of Janice Fletcher smiling

I’m thankful for Idaho early childhood professionals who step up for children, families and each other, even when the steps are steep and tall.

— Janice Fletcher, Professor Emerita, IdahoSTARS, Act Early Idaho

I am thankful for this awesome staff who has welcomed me to Center. I am thankful for the ability to always learn something new and how to a better advocate for people with disabilities.

Beatrice Santiago, Interdisciplinary Trainee, Spanish translation, CORE —

A selfie of Cari Murphy smiling at the camera

I am thankful for the Idaho Training Clearinghouse staff who make my work fun and rewarding. Each member has a unique skill set and together we make a great team! I look forward to our weekly meetings and our unending quest to spot a flying narwhal!

— Cari Murphy, Associate Director, Various projects

I’m thankful for business practice cohorts – I have been with the program for almost nine years as a resource specialist. This is the first time we get to give people real sound business practice guidance! I am grateful for the opportunity to share the information to help keep our childcare providers in business.

Teresa Stockwell, Resource Specialist, Region 6, IdahoSTARS —

Jessilyn smiling while holding a baby alligator

I’m thankful for lizards and the opportunity to teach self-advocacy so people with disabilities can make our own life choices!

— Jessilyn Matthias, Program Technician, CORE, Idaho Living Well

I’m thankful for Interdisciplinary Trainee Seminars being back in-person. I get to interact with my peers face-to-face and have better discussions.

Ernesto Marquez Montes, Interdisciplinary Trainee, Act Early Idaho —

Carlie smiling while holding a French fry up

I’m thankful that despite the challenges of the pandemic, we’ve been able to keep working, stay connected and continue providing CDHD services to our communities.

— Carlie Tucker, Web Development Manager, CDHD

A photo of a road surrounded by tall pine trees on a sunny day

I’m thankful for getting to work with Areli on artAbility to produce fun and interactive workshops for the community.

Sophie Spanbauer, Interdisciplinary Trainee, CORE, artAbility —

I’m thankful for the new badge initiative to incentivize childcare providers to increase their education and skills in early care and education. In just over a month of the initiative commencing, I have heard words from providers who have already met requirements for the award like, “now I can get my heater fixed” and “this is an answer to my prayers”. I have also seen nonverbal expressions of gratitude through shining eyes and tears. This has also positively reinforced the health and safety coaching I perform with providers as they make the connection between their on the job skills practice and being rewarded for their efforts.

— Jill Hobbs, Child Care Health Consultant, IdahoSTARS

Jen smiling and posing for a photo on a sunny day

I’m thankful for all the workgroup members and advocates who have stuck with us through Zoom meetings due to COVID. We couldn’t do our work without them!

Jen Magelky-Seiler, Project Coordinator, Idaho Living Well —

I’m thankful for the support my co-workers give me on projects.

— Jordan Moffis, Interdisciplinary Trainee, Dissemination, CORE

Stacy and three coworkers dressed up as Alivn and the Chipmunks for Halloween

I’m thankful for the IdahoSTARS Training Office and the teamwork that has been put forward towards providing excellence and welcoming experiences for Idaho’s Early Education Professionals.

Stacy Stooks, Professional Development Specialist, IdahoSTARS —