Happy retirement, Yvonne

Happy retirement, Yvonne!

Happy retirement, Yvonne Wright!

Administrative Specialist Yvonne Wright retired on March 31, 2023 after 26 years with the Idaho CDHD.

Yvonne has long been a valuable member of our team. Often the first point of contact for anyone who visited or enquired about the Center, Yvonne provided impeccable office support. More than that, she was a fountain of knowledge and guidance – there wasn’t a problem she couldn’t solve!

Before her final day at work, we caught up with Yvonne to talk about her time at the CDHD and what’s next.

These are all going to be ‘soft balls’, so it should all be pretty easy. Let’s start off with: when did you start at the CDHD?

Yvonne: September 1997

26 years ago! And do you have a favorite memory of all that time working here?

Yvonne: That would be working in Assistive Technology with Sue House all those years ago.

Do you have any retirement plans?

Yvonne: Working in the garden. And then in June, we’ll be travelling to Costa Rica and Panama.

I’m also looking forward to fishing during the summer as time allows. I think I’ll start back to bowling. It stopped during COVID. I might start completing some sewing and quilting projects that were started and never finished. I also have some new hobbies lined out!

It sounds like you’re going to be just as busy in retirement! And, do you have any parting words or advice for everyone?

Yvonne: Take a deep breath or walk around the park when things get bad. Fresh air fixes a lot!


Thank you, Yvonne, for the past 26 years! We appreciate you, your time and all the fond memories that the last 26 years have brought. All of us at the CDHD would like to wish you the very best in your retirement. Enjoy your travels and your newfound freedom. You earned it!